I am a working mom of two awesome little people.  My son is almost 4 years old and my daughter is 5 months old.  Both are preemies, which has added some complexities to this whole motherhood thing.  Mainly by making me an anxious basket case about their well-being.

I am a wife to my best friend whom I have known since I was 12 years old.  We met on AOL back in 1995 when the internet was supposedly a safer place.  I got lucky and he’s awesome and geeky as I am.

I am a meteorologist, working shifts, hopefully making a difference by keeping people safe.  My speciality is severe storms forecasting.  Think tornadoes, big hail and strong winds.

This blog came about as an outlet for me to deal with my anxiety as related to being a working mom and wife who lives far from the village (my family) that is supposed to ensure your kids grow up to be upstanding citizens.

Oh, I’m also full of snark and sarcasm behind all that anxiety.  When I’m not busy worrying about being a failure as a mom and wife, I love to read, play board games and travel.